Bede’s PhD from the University of St Andrews investigated interpretation and conducting, and he now publishes regularly in the media (for example see here), specialist periodicals, and academic journals. He has presented his research at the Royal College of Music, the Norwegian Academy of Music, and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. His research interests are a) the freedom of the performer and b) the creation, performance and reception of music within interdisciplinary contexts. Many of his research outputs are non-textual and collaborative, and include projects with colleagues in Divinity (TheoArtistry), Earth Sciences (Music Planet), Modern Languages (Child of the Big City), English (Opera & Fiction) Biology (Biomusic), Chemistry (Day of the Periodic Table), and Astronomy (Shine), as well as collaborations with prominent freelance artists. For a full list see Bede’s research profile here. 

Current research projects include the recording of three concertos that have been written and premiered by him (see solo performance), and the completion of an ongoing recording project with composer and sound artist Andrew Knight Hill (see solo performance). He is currently supervising two doctoral theses and welcomes expressions of interest from students wishing to pursue artistic research projects.